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2015 A Year of Action Coming Up.


The first meeting of Middleton Beach Group for 2015  held on 19/1/2015 was well attended.

A number of matters were discussed:-

Coastal Perks Enhancement Plan.  Jacqui Purvis from City of Albany provided an overview of the ten year plan to replace coastal playground and associated leisure/recreation infrastructure at Emu Point, Ellen Cove and Eyre Park.

Middleton Beach Entry Statement. More discussion is needed due to a City of Albany plan to establish generic entry statement guidelines. It was thought that the proposed sculpture using part of old timber jetty would still be acceptable.

Esplanade Site. Proposal to push for removal of wire fence soonest brought some concerns re vandals, rubbish etc but it was generally felt that the symbolic gesture of removing this eyesore should be pursued. M.B.G. offered to help City in managing site.

Lest We Forget.  Three of the headstones will be taken to Melbourne for inclusion in the 5000 poppies project at federation Square for Anzac 2015

Plastic poppies. The existing poppies will be used to create a map of Australia and New Zealand in the sand at Ellen Cove. The outline will be planted by members, the infil will be for the public. A new memory book will be provided.

After the meeting the group shared some drinks and food in a community atmosphere.

Summer sunrise

Summer sunrise

Early morning calm

Early morning calm


HAPPY 2015 from M.B.G. Notice of First Meeting for 2015


The first meeting of The Middleton Beach Group for 2015 will be;

Monday 19th January,
5.00 pm
Ellen Cove.

Agenda includes discussion of plans for entry statement, esplanade site possible developments, Eyre Park plans and much more.
Come along and join the community group representing the interests of Middleton Beach residents and users._-47

Esplanade Site— Progress at last?


After 6 years, some progress for the Esplanade site. The government is purchasing it.

The Middleton Beach Group should discuss our vision for the site at a meeting in January. If there is opportunity for community consultation we want to be involved.
Paul Terry has already offered to be one of our reps in the consultation process.

Remember our Christmas gathering is Tuesday 23rd December at Ellen Cove. 5/5.30 pm sundowner

Everlastings blooming amongst the cement on site

Everlastings blooming amongst the cement on site

pink everlastings improve the site 24/11/2014

pink everlastings improve the site

Still looking through wire 24/11/2014

Still looking through wire

desolate site, what will follow?  24/11/2014

desolate site, what will follow? 24/11/2014

Watch this space for new plans, what and how soon?   24/11/2014

Watch this space for new plans, what and how soon? 24/11/2014


Another View Of Our Poppies


The attached photo was taken from a fixed wing aircraft, photographer Bill George.

Just another reminder of how special this project was, here viewed with a “bird’s eye view”

photo by Bill George

photo by Bill George



Lest We Forget  Installation at A.E.C.

Lest We Forget
Installation at A.E.C.

Poppy installation 31/11 Lots of willing helpers

Poppy installation 31/11
Lots of willing helpers

Poppies in the Sand A significant community commemoration

Poppies in the Sand
A significant community commemoration

The Middleton Beach Group can justifiably be proud of our contribution to the very successful ANZAC Centenary Commemorations.
So many people came to see the “Poppies in the Sand”, so many wanted to be part of the project, to plant a poppy and to pay their personal respects.
The service was a fitting finale on Monday morning, 3rd November. Some 300 people attended, enjoying the music, poetry and stories.
Equally popular and impressive was the “Lest We Forget” tribute in the A.E.C. with nearly 15.000 knitted and crocheted poppies installed on spectacular headstones. These will go to Melbourne, perhaps to Canberra War Memorial or return to Albany to be reinstalled at an appropriate venue.

Sincere thanks to the many rostered volunteers and those who helped with the installation, packing and storing of poppies.
The thank you list of sponsors has appeared in local papers.

Middleton Beach Group will hold a Christmas Sundowner at Ellen Cove on Tuesday 23rd December. Come along with some festive fare and refreshments and share in the community spirit.



Poppies growing in the Esplanade site, behind the wire

Poppies growing in the Esplanade site, behind the wire

New stairs and refurbished facilities at Ellen Cove amphitheatre.

New stairs and refurbished facilities at Ellen Cove amphitheatre.

We are on countdown to the important weekend of commemorative events for the Anzac centenary. Middleton Beach Group involvement includes the Poppies in the Sand project.

The T-shirts and caps for volunteers will be handed out at the beach at 1pm on Friday 31st October when the official briefing takes place for poppy planting and minding.

The Esplanade site Rotary busybee will be on Sunday 26th October. Weeding, mowing, rubbish picking. All welcome. Bring your gloves and tools.

Friends and family are invited to the Monday 3rd November beachside breakfast from 6.15am and the special tribute service at 7.45am at Ellen Cove. The amphitheatre has had a facelift with new stairs and freshly painted furniture. Volunteers are invited to drop by the beach at sunset on Monday 3rd for  a celebration of completion of the project.



Colours of the Surf

Colours of the Surf

A meeting of the MBG was held on Friday 3/10/2014 at 5pm

Jane Mouritz arrived with many bags and bundles of hand knitted, crocheted poppies for the Lest We Forget poppy project. These poppies have come from far and wide , from groups and individuals, lots of talented and enthusiastic creators.

We counted more than 600 poppies. These were handed over to Suzie, the coordinator of this project. A list of contributors has been made for later acknowledgment and thanks.

Coastal Parks Enhancement Plan., The meeting received the news that the Coastal Parks Enhancement Plan has been accepted by the Council Works and Services Committee, including endorsement of MBG’s proposal for entry statements using the old jetty pylons.

The problem of drainage across the beach was also discussed. It is hoped that this issue can be progressed on environmental, health and aesthetic grounds.

Poppies in the Sand and Lest We Forget.

Most of the meeting was taken up with discussion of progress on the Poppies in the Sand project. Much hard work has gone into the planning, handling regulations, approvals etc. required for such a major project. Thanks were expressed to all those who have put in so much time and effort. Final details were agreed and reports received from members. All appears to be on track for both poppy projects including, hats/caps, fliers, lighting, sponsors, ABC broadcasts, emergency plan, volunteers, Monday commemorative event etc etc.

Installation of Poppies. On 31/10, some poppies will be installed in the sand between 6.15 and 7.45 am when the ABC statewide programme with Eion Cameron will be broadcast on line from MB surf club. The area will then be supervised by volunteers until 1pm when a formal safety briefing will take place and the remainder of the poppies will be installed.

It was decided not to hold another meeting before the Anzac weekend unless something urgent arises.

We are all looking forward to taking part in the planned events and to the contribution that Middleton Beach Group will be making to the overall Anzac commemoration.

MEETING REPORT. Sept 10th Poppies and more


Prior to the meeting we had a trial of poppy planting on the beach. Lots of fun, looking good. Photos were taken for a later promotion of Albany’s Anzac preparations

The meeting at Three Anchors was well attended with reports on matters relating to the big Anzac events being received and discussed.

A grant of $7,820 has been approved for the poppy projects, T-shirts and caps have been designed. 50 shirts will be ordered for volunteers .
Postcard size flyers will be produced. These will cover both projects, “poppies in the sand” and “lest we forget” . There will be details of the Monday breakfast and service as well as acknowledgement of sponsors.

“Lest we Forget” project of knitted and crocheted poppies has now 3 headstones almost completed. The A.E.C. manager is very enthusiastic and would like 2 more. Publicity will be put on facebook and Anzac Albany site for more crochet/knitted poppies. Get out those needles and hooks folks!

“Poppies in the Sand”. The brief trial was useful. A roster for volunteer guides is being drawn up, also laminated instructions for guides to provide information to the public.
The C.O.A. has sand and drainage requirements in hand.
Friday 31/10, Eion Cameron will broadcast ABC breakfast show from the surf club state wide from 6.15am. Some poppies will be installed then to add atmosphere to the scene

Knitted Poppies Photo by Barb Madden

Knitted Poppies
Photo by Barb Madden

plastic poppies photo by Barb Madden

plastic poppies
photo by Barb Madden

. The remainder will be planted from 1pm.
Monday 3/11 will be breakfast near the surf club and broadcast by Andrew Collins on local ABC. The service at Ellen Cove amphitheatre will follow.

Entry Statement. The MBG submission for the entry statement to Middleton Beach area has in principle support from C.O.A. meeting as part of the Coastal Parks Enhancement Plan. MBG has also approached C.O.A. on the matter of replacing the existing railing at Ataturk statue with single, lower, stainless steel railing.

The next meeting will be on Friday October 3rd at Three Anchors at 5pm

An Inspirational Commemoration Where Poppies are the thread of life


Click on the reference River of Blood to see the story.

River of Blood



PLease note alteration to original notice for next meeting
New date Wednesday 10th September
Time 3pm
Three Anchors meeting room
See you there