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Middleton Planning


On this page you can find ideas -in the form of downloadable documents – designed to get you thinking.

Thinking about the Middleton precinct environment, and what it could be.  What it should be.

This page should stimulate discussion -so comment away.

But first, follow the links to download the collated responses from the Middleton Beach Planning Forum, and design proposals produced for us by Landscape Architect Jennifer Viol.

Middleton Design Proposals                                            MBG Planning Forum Feedback

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  1. Bfax permalink
    23/06/2011 3:17 am

    Seems to me you guys are doing good things! Keep it up. Resist high rise at all costs… it’s absolutely imperative.

  2. Jane Mouritz permalink
    04/05/2011 9:22 am

    Hi Gordon and Sheryle
    thank you for your comments re the Middleton Beach Plan – I will ensure that Jennifer Viol gets to read them, and also ask that City of Albany views such comments when/if they proceed with the completion of such a plan for the precinct.
    Persoanlly I think there are better traffic calming options than speed humps but we will leave that to the ‘experts – suffice to say – more traffic calming is needed!
    We have a meeting coming up on Tuesday 10th May at 5.00pm aty HYBLA – the seaside cottage next to Castlereagh on Flinders Parade – please come along…
    Yours in community spirit
    Jane Mouritz

  3. Gordon and Sheryle Browne permalink
    11/04/2011 3:52 pm

    Unfortunately we have not been able to attend a Middleton Beach Group meeting as yet, however we have enjoyed reading ideas etc in the Precinct Planning Forum – Feedback.

    We agree with retaining the Norfolk Island pines on the beachfront at all cost and would most certainly like to see a hotel or quality tavern with restaurant, alfresco, overlooking the beach with a tasteful beer garden to the rear allowing for music and a small dance floor.
    Keeping the Beachfront soft with lots of open space and appropriate plantings ie grasses, shrubs and attractive shady trees that shed little or autumn only leaves. We like the mature peppermint trees but PLEASE NO MESSY INDIGENOUS TREES ie eucalypts and the like.

    We would also like to see – A tennis court similiar to what was
    behind the demolished Esplanade Hotel
    – A beach pool
    – More speed humps and continuing all the
    way around Eyre Park to stop speeding
    – Dual cycle and walkway around Eyre Park
    – More trees eg plane trees and
    continuing these all the way
    down Middleton Beach road to
    roundabout opposite MB Caravan
    Park to soften road
    – Re-vamp area around and including

    Whilst we feel it is important to acknowledge our aboriginal cultural heritage it is also important to acknowledge all events to the present day and to plan for a modern, fresh, spacious and shady Middleton Beach precinct which includes places of play (children & adults), hotel/Tavern, cafes/dining, music, maybe a couple of shops ie newsagent, local giftware/art, accommodation and generally a place for relaxation with family and friends.


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