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City responses to MBG requests


The City of Albany has responded promptly to several issues raised at our meeting on 28 October. See below:

Trees on Middleton Road and Eyre Park. MBG requested that Council consider continuing the avenue of trees on either side of Middleton Road as far as Garden Street, and refrain from further ad hoc tree plantings in Eyre Park honouring centenarians, with future commemorative trees to be planted in an avenue adjacent to Middleton Road in Eyre Park. The City responded that most parts of Middleton Road have verges too naroow to accommodate underground services and trees, and that creating an avenue in the suggested area would require narrowing the road, which is unlikely.

With regard to placement of commemorative trees in Eyre Park, we were advised that any new plantings would be along the paths, or plaques could be placed alongside existing trees in this area. The only new trees currently planned for Eyre Park will be associated with the new playground.

Eyre Park Playground renewal. This is planned to commence on 18 January but MBG requested that the start be delayed until the end of the Christmas school holidays, however the City responded that the dates are set and the aim is to complete the works in time for the April School holidays.

Sand softfall in playgrounds. MBG raised concerns about the potential for needle-stick injuries and increased dust and consequent pathway slipperiness associated with the new playground at Ellen Cove. We requested that more lawn and less sand be incorporated into the new Eyre Park playground. The City responded that all playgrounds will be replaced with sand softfall as they are renewed, as it is cheaper to install and maintain than rubber softfall. A sand sifter will clean the sand regularly and it is to be raked monthly. A street sweeper is now being used in front of Three Anchors.

Whilst MBG didnt achieve the responses we hoped for, we appreciate these explanations from the City, via Jacqui Purvis, Coordinator Developed Reserves.

The next MBG meeting will be held on Tuesday 19 January at 5pm, venue to be advised. The main business will be presentations from artists/sculptors shortlisted to prepare design concepts for the proposed Entry Statement in Eyre Park, on the corner of Adelaide Cres and Middleton Road. This is a joint MBG/City of Albany project, in response to strong community support for an Entry Statement for the area.

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