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Entry Statement Update


Chris Gunby has provided the following progress notes on MBG’s entry statement project:

The Middleton Beach Group’s entry statement survey was provided to the City of Albany and discussed with representatives at a meeting on 27th March. The City of Albany was appreciative of the work undertaken by the Group, and advised the City intended to provide entry statements to a number of areas in the City, subject to budget considerations in July.  Subject to Council approval, the Middleton Beach entry statement could be one of the first to be progressed. Once Council approval was provided professional design expertise will be sought and options for a sculptural feature developed, using community input provided by the entry statement survey. The Middleton Beach Group has offered some financial assistance to help design this feature.

The entry statement survey also provided 41 suggestions for projects that could be undertaken by the Middleton Beach Group to improve the area. Most of these are on reserves managed by the City of Albany, and so Jane Mouritz and Susanne Denning met with Mark Ford from the City to discuss the community suggestions in more detail. The City has advised some of the suggested projects, such as improved car parking in Eyre Park, will be undertaken by the City. Other projects, such as the planting of trees along Middleton Road, will require further consideration and planning, prior to budget considerations. Projects such as reducing drainage onto the beach are likely to be long term and involve other landowners and developers. A number of projects that could be undertaken by volunteers, such as the removal of typha and rubbish from the lake in Eyre Park, have already been started.

People interested in any project ideas are encouraged to attend Middleton Beach Group meetings or join the email contact list.

To see the full survey results, click on the ‘entry statement’ tag  at at the top of this post and follow the links

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