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Colours of the Surf

Colours of the Surf

A meeting of the MBG was held on Friday 3/10/2014 at 5pm

Jane Mouritz arrived with many bags and bundles of hand knitted, crocheted poppies for the Lest We Forget poppy project. These poppies have come from far and wide , from groups and individuals, lots of talented and enthusiastic creators.

We counted more than 600 poppies. These were handed over to Suzie, the coordinator of this project. A list of contributors has been made for later acknowledgment and thanks.

Coastal Parks Enhancement Plan., The meeting received the news that the Coastal Parks Enhancement Plan has been accepted by the Council Works and Services Committee, including endorsement of MBG’s proposal for entry statements using the old jetty pylons.

The problem of drainage across the beach was also discussed. It is hoped that this issue can be progressed on environmental, health and aesthetic grounds.

Poppies in the Sand and Lest We Forget.

Most of the meeting was taken up with discussion of progress on the Poppies in the Sand project. Much hard work has gone into the planning, handling regulations, approvals etc. required for such a major project. Thanks were expressed to all those who have put in so much time and effort. Final details were agreed and reports received from members. All appears to be on track for both poppy projects including, hats/caps, fliers, lighting, sponsors, ABC broadcasts, emergency plan, volunteers, Monday commemorative event etc etc.

Installation of Poppies. On 31/10, some poppies will be installed in the sand between 6.15 and 7.45 am when the ABC statewide programme with Eion Cameron will be broadcast on line from MB surf club. The area will then be supervised by volunteers until 1pm when a formal safety briefing will take place and the remainder of the poppies will be installed.

It was decided not to hold another meeting before the Anzac weekend unless something urgent arises.

We are all looking forward to taking part in the planned events and to the contribution that Middleton Beach Group will be making to the overall Anzac commemoration.

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