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MEETING REPORT. Sept 10th Poppies and more


Prior to the meeting we had a trial of poppy planting on the beach. Lots of fun, looking good. Photos were taken for a later promotion of Albany’s Anzac preparations

The meeting at Three Anchors was well attended with reports on matters relating to the big Anzac events being received and discussed.

A grant of $7,820 has been approved for the poppy projects, T-shirts and caps have been designed. 50 shirts will be ordered for volunteers .
Postcard size flyers will be produced. These will cover both projects, “poppies in the sand” and “lest we forget” . There will be details of the Monday breakfast and service as well as acknowledgement of sponsors.

“Lest we Forget” project of knitted and crocheted poppies has now 3 headstones almost completed. The A.E.C. manager is very enthusiastic and would like 2 more. Publicity will be put on facebook and Anzac Albany site for more crochet/knitted poppies. Get out those needles and hooks folks!

“Poppies in the Sand”. The brief trial was useful. A roster for volunteer guides is being drawn up, also laminated instructions for guides to provide information to the public.
The C.O.A. has sand and drainage requirements in hand.
Friday 31/10, Eion Cameron will broadcast ABC breakfast show from the surf club state wide from 6.15am. Some poppies will be installed then to add atmosphere to the scene

Knitted Poppies Photo by Barb Madden

Knitted Poppies
Photo by Barb Madden

plastic poppies photo by Barb Madden

plastic poppies
photo by Barb Madden

. The remainder will be planted from 1pm.
Monday 3/11 will be breakfast near the surf club and broadcast by Andrew Collins on local ABC. The service at Ellen Cove amphitheatre will follow.

Entry Statement. The MBG submission for the entry statement to Middleton Beach area has in principle support from C.O.A. meeting as part of the Coastal Parks Enhancement Plan. MBG has also approached C.O.A. on the matter of replacing the existing railing at Ataturk statue with single, lower, stainless steel railing.

The next meeting will be on Friday October 3rd at Three Anchors at 5pm

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