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City Coastal Parks Enhancement Plan MBG response part 2


Activities. We support access to the beach and incorporation of sand play into the playground. We agree with shifting the volley ball courts closer to the Surf Club and suggest removable poles which could be stored under the boardwalk. We support a junior playground north of the surf club but this needs to be still within eyesight of 3 Anchors for easy supervision of toddlers. We are excited at the concept of older kids activity area near Surf Club.

Dog Litter.Plastic bags to be attached to new bins are supported. These bins should be aesthetically attractive, minimal in number and strategically placed.

Ellen Cove Amphitheatre. We agree that improving safety is high priority but are keen to retain the old style character of traditional rockwork, unpainted wooden furniture etc. This traditional style needs to be incorporated into new amenities.

Eyre Park. WE support the upgrading of car parking and refurbishment of toilets. Unisex and disabled are more suitable, giving flexibility for parents and children.

Entry Statements. We have in principle support from C.O.A. to raise funds for this, incorporating remaining Albany jetty pylons. We would like to see this endorsed as part of the CPEP.

MBG express appreciation of the thought, research and expertise demonstrated by City planning team in preparing this plan, as well as their incorporation of our earlier submission. We seek to be involved in ongoing concept and design where possible. We request consultation on specific designs for facilities and infrastructure.

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