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Esplanade Site Cleanup. Community at work


Working with a will

Working with a will

Clear again

Clear again

Another clear view

Another clear view

The team assembling

The team assembling

Thanks to Ross Tassicker and the Albany Rotary Club, access to the Esplanade site was obtained. The site had become a rubbish tip and was overgrown with weeds, long grass and mess. A willing band of workers started at 8.30 Sat 12/7 and again on Sunday 13/7. Lots of whipper snippers, rotary hoes, shovels, spades, mattocks and orange rubbish bags.

It was sunny with a light breeze, perfect weather after a week of rain and wind. Coffee and rest provided by Jane Mouritz ( Middleton Beach Group) at her unit, as well as by the Rotary group helped the work along. Huge piles of rubbish and weeds were carted away.

The transformation is amazing.
Go down and have a look!
A great example of community at work, and good fun too, despite a few sore backs etc next day!

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