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Middleton Beach Group June Meeting Poppies and More


Poppies to goA meeting held on June 17th was well attended. A number of matters were raised and discussed.

The meeting was briefed on the Coastal Parks Draft Plan by COA rep Jackie Purvis. This plan has had a considerable amount of community consultation and input in the making, including the plans drawn up by Jen Viol in 2011.

Esplanade Site cleanup. Ross Tassicker from Albany Rotary Club announced his success in obtaining permission from the owners of the site for a volunteer clean up. This will be held on July 12/13. Flyers will be distributed. The MBG applauded Ross for his great effort.

Poppies in the Sand. Progressing well with 16,500 poppies already made and returned while 13,200 are out in the community.
Many details were discussed relating to this project including, welcome to country on Monday 3/11 by Aden Eades, music, lighting, t shirts/caps for volunteers, employment of security firm from 10pm to 6am during the period that the installation is in place on the beach, alternatives for perimeter edging etc.

Lest We Forget. This is the title of the crocheted/knitted poppy project which is allied to the Melbourne based 5,000 poppies project. Co-ordinators Suzie Potter and Patti Leake showed a prototype of how they might be displayed. A high profile site will be selected for the display.

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  1. 16/07/2014 8:52 am

    The Esplenade site is significantly better and we need to applaud those who helped with the clean up, however, the fence still makes it an eye-sore and both the Albany Council are culpable, It’s a shame that the council couldn’t take the initiative such as has been taken by Ross Tassicker. Thankyou Ross and your team of helpers for your community spirit.

    1. The Council for ever approving the demolition without guarantees of some sort, either to rebuild OR make the site look good.
    2. The Premier for not fulfilling his election promise, period!

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