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THE POPPY PROJECT Why not become involved?


To commemorate the departure of around 30,000 troops of the ANZAC contingent from King George Sound on Nov 1st 1914. we plan to place 30,000 poppies in the sand at Ellen Cove, Middleton Beach.
Poppies will be made by volunteers and placed inside the number 30,000 etched in large figures in the sand. Placement will be on Friday 31st October, 2014 between 1.00 and 4.30 pm. The poppies will be removed on Monday 3rd November after a community breakfast on the beach.

Volunteers are needed for poppy making, for the installation and removal of poppies, for poppy tours and security while the installation is in place. People with current first aid certificates are particularly needed during the weekend.

If you would like to help contact:-
Jane Mouritz
Barbara Madden –
Jane Singleton-

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