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ANZAC COMMEMORATION – Poppies and more


A gathering of MBG members and friends met on 29/4 at Ellen Cove. We celebrated the news that approval has been received from the Great Southern Anzac Commemoration Events Committee has been obtained. Our Poppies in the Sand project can proceed!
Poppies seem to be popping up all over
RSL centenary project manager has been in touch regarding 5,000m poppies group based in Melbourne. We may be able to use their crocheted poppies as part of our decorations
WAFTA ( W.A. Fabric and Textile Association) is involved making poppies for the 5,000 poppies project in W.A.
Libraries across the state may become quasi co-ordinators for locally based poppy making
Albany schools, aged care facilities, local group Pearly Queens, will all be invited to contribute.

The main 30,000 poppies for placement in the sand will aim to follow the basic pattern made from red plastic. Other designs will be used for features such as the jetty, railing, fences etc.
All offers welcome.

MBG is also looking for volunteers-
!. with first aid certificates to be on site
2. Poppy guides and security for the duration of the event
3.Musicians or bands who could contribute to the atmosphere, especially during bthe set up on Fri 31st October and take down on Monday3rd November.

More work on the proposed entry statement construction for Middleton Beach awaits further communication with council.

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