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2014 First Meeting . Some plans for Anzac commemoration


Poppy Sampling

Poppy Sampling

6th January, 5.15 saw some of the M.B.G. assembled at Ellen Cove. First a farewell toast to the late M.B.G. member Peter Drummond.
Discussions followed on:-
1. Esplanade Site- a longstanding problem. A letter from the premier in reply to ours encouraged M.B.G. to continue to pursue site improvements. The Government is following up options for possible purchase of the site.
Decision- Write to the Premier and to City of Albany asking them to negotiate with owners for permission to make temporary landscape improvements, pointing out urgency before ANZAC 2014.

2. Proposed entry statement on roundabout corner Middleton Rd. and Adelaide Crescent. M.B.G. has two joined large wooden jetty pylons which may be suitable as a sculpture. Photos to be circulated for creative inspiration. M.B.G. to apply to council for “in principle” support, again to create a good impression in readiness for ANZAC commemoration.

3. ANZAC commemoration, community event to acknowledge the departure of ANZAC contingent of around 30,000 from Albany harbour, past Middleton Beach, Nov 1st 1914. Various ideas were discussed. The preferred option is the placement of 30,000 poppies on the beach on Nov 1st 2014. M.B.G. will apply to City of Albany ANZAC commemoration website, register event, seek support and funds for a BBQ and some entertainment to accompany the poppy ceremony. Arrangements for materials and volunteers to make poppies were agreed and there was some amusement in practicing poppy making!

The meeting closed at 7.15 with the usual community camaraderie following.

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  1. Jack Palmer permalink
    18/01/2014 7:31 am

    Efforts by the MBG to get things DONE are commendable. When it comes to the Esplenade site, sadly, all past effprts have been met with a deafening silence OR real slippery tongue promises. My dear old Mum, when we were kids, told us promises are like “pie crusts” … too easily broken. I don’t believe anything that the Premier says any more based on the Esoplenade experience … he’s going to drag this out until ge can capitilise on it at the next election and it is NOT going to work. If he stand again, I for one, will not vote for the state Liberals again.


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