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Pine Trees At Middleton Beach


The Albany Surf Club building has a 2 storey extension planned, approved and funded. This extension will require at least significant pruning of the two pine trees on the Flinders Pde ( front) of the building.

Local opinion on the option of removing the two trees is wanted.

The Middleton Beach Group met for a first round consultation with Christine Fricko of A.S.C. and Mark Ford of City of Albany about this issue.  The council is concerned re liability if anything is done to the trees and they subsequently fall or cause public damage. There are several other concerns regarding the trees and the new building.

There were differing opinions and lively discussion. Further consideration will be tabled at the Frederickstown Progress Association meeting  on Monday Aug 13th at 5.30 pm.

All present at the M.B.G. meeting agreed that the surf club is a valued community asset and the community will benefit from an improved, well equipped community centre providing valued services such as improving beach safety and encouraging physical and social activity.

It was noted that public showers and toilets will close for 6 – 8 weeks during construction of the surf club extension.

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