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Eyre Park – a bit of history


This photo was taken from the front of what is now 55 Adelaide Crescent, Middleton Beach in 1960/61. At that time it was Middleton Road. The rubbish dump over the road is now Eyre Park. What a transformation!

Thanks to Georgie Walker for the photo. Perhaps others may have some early shots of this area?

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  1. 16/06/2012 7:41 am

    Nice photo with a look into the past. Maybe ONE day or ancestors will see an improvelent to the old esplenade sight. We would need a council with VISION to MAKE that happen. We wait with interminable patience for some action. Thes guys will not get my vote next time, matbe we need a council to be run on party political lines to get more accountability. I know it is not their land BUT they are culpable for allowing the Esplenade to be demolished without guarantees in place. Trusting a bunch of off shore businessmen was foolish.

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