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Calamaris Cafe at Middleton Beach


The early morning meeting on 5th March at Ellen Cove to discuss plans for the new look Calamaris was well attended. There was opportunity to see the proposed plans and ask questions, raise issues and explore options.

The Mayor Denis Wellington and councillor Sarah Bowles were is attendance. Their participation was appreciated by those attending. Issues raised will be taken up with council in the ongoing planning for the site.

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  1. 07/05/2013 10:36 am

    Hello Middleton Beach Lovers.
    I would firstly like to thank you for your patience and support with the opening of Three Anchors. As I’m sure your aware it did take longer for us to open then firstly predicted. We have been open almost 6 months now and we are dedicated to grow into a business that our community can be proud of. I’m open to any feedback and would like to be involved in The Middleton Beach Group. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on or 08 98411600
    Thankyou Kate Marwick

  2. 01/04/2012 8:10 am

    Regarding the Calamari Restaurant (non-existent now) being taken up by one of the People lining up at the council doors hasn’t happened. A close look should be taken when dealing with people where there is a conflict of interests. The way we see it is that Emu Point Cafe is unlikely to create a situation where they have competition for their popular cafe at the cost of huge extra expense, with the huge rental (non-existent now) and increased staffing costs. Any empty building will deteriorate sharply. Phrases like the Mayor taking things “on board” need to be seen to bear fruit. The council need to get their “talk and walk” in line with each other. I was advised by Jeremy Stewart in conversation, that the rental asking price was “Market Value”. What is “market value”? In my book, it what people are prepared to pay and NOT the asking price. In reality, if it stands empty for a year … do you ask for double the next eyar to make up for losses. MOST of the development on the Calamari site was not done with Council money. The tenant of a number of years ago, when it was known as “Beach Side Restaurant” developed the site from a kiosk into a a restaurant. This days it was used for weddings and the like. Not suitable for anything of any significance at present. BIG problem is that Middleton Beach area is being neglected in favour of the Council’s favourite foreshore developments at the Princess Royal Harbour. Much better to push for a hotel there than a replacement for the Esplenade, even less to make the site attractive, or should we say “less unattractive”.

  3. 10/03/2012 6:04 pm

    The BIG issue is: Is there likely to be another restaurant on the site. I had assurances from the Mayor after I had written a letter to the Albany Advertiser expressing our concern. He assured me that there was a queue at the door waiting to take over the premises. That has not happened apart for a few weeks as a kiosk run by Emu Point Cafe. It was totally inadequate with the surf carnival where there were 5000 competitors. Recent comments were that “Middleton Beach is DEAD” and that came from a regular guest at our resort. There is zero sense of urgency regarding any development in Middleton beach including making the old Esplenade site look presentable. 2014 Anzac day will be upon us and the “eye sore” will still be there.

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