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Middleton Beach users – what do you want?


Middleton Beach users survey.  Friday 15 – Monday 18th January.

Your chance to have your say – and to make sure others have theirs!

The survey of Middleton Beach users is going full steam ahead, with just over a week to go until the umbrella stands will appear at Ellen Cove and Emu Point to take a snap-shot survey of what beach users think about our beautiful stretch of coastline.

A huge thankyou to everyone who has been involved in organising the survey, and volunteered their time at the stand. But more help is needed! IF you are able to give a couple of hours of your time over the weekend, please click on “comment”  below and leave your details.

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  1. Pat & Steph Nield permalink
    12/01/2010 12:52 pm

    Middleton Beach is a naturally prestine and beautiful place and needs to be preserved without too much development, to maintain this character.
    The residents have chosen Middleton Beach to live, and many have come from the hinterland and Perth to retire. Yet, other families come here for a holiday to enjoy the climate and natural fascilities that Middleton Beach has, taking advantage of commercial accommodation (caravan park, motels and b and b’s).
    To some extent, residents and holiday makers and tourists may have differing priorities and some compromise may be required.

    We, as concerned citizens of Middleton Beach, see the need for a new hotel, where the Esplanade Hotel was, as far and away the main priority for the improvement of the Middleton Beach precinct, with other issues falling into relative insignificance. The balance of the vacant site also is in need of development, with retail outlets and some accommodation. Of course, the owners of the vacant land will now only do the development if it can be shown to be sufficiently profitable. (It is a bit late for the governing body to make it a mandatory condition once the demolition has taken place).

  2. Jane Mouritz permalink
    08/01/2010 5:57 pm

    Hi Middleton Beach group – A big thank you to Nan Anderson, Pat Kerruish, Suzie Potter, Judy English, Barb Madden, Peter Drummond, and our Friends of Emu Point Sheryl Shaylor and Meryl Hearn, for putting together the survey – it has been read and approved by Kevin Ketterer of City of Albany, so I believe it is timely to get some copies printed and encourage ALL to put some ideas on paper . We are aiming for 500 responses!

    Re the roster- Steph Nield has offered to help me from 10.00 to 12.00midday on Friday 15th – please put her name on the roster, Nan.
    Yours in community spirit Jane Mouritz

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