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Middleton Beach – Draft Council Management Plan. Our submission


The City of Albany recently released its Draft Management Plan for Middleton Beach for public comment, as we mentioned earlier.

The Middleton Beach Group submitted a response to the Council’s plan … well, Jane Mouritz did on our behalf – thanks Jane! Essentially our submission calls for a more proactive, coordinated approach from the City of Albany in mananging the precinct, with improved public consultation at all stages of the process, including a public planning session.

You can download a copy of the response here.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Jane Mouritz permalink
    26/11/2009 5:24 am

    Jane Mouritz’s Update of actions since the meeting on 15th November;
    Re the hooning and car park disturbances – I called Sgt Nigel Fiander and he said that Albany Police was increasing patrols of Middleton Beach area. He supported video surveillance for the car park area in principle, and suggested that this request should be taken to the next Roadwise Committee meeting which is on 8th December at 9.30am at the City of Albany offices – would a Middleton Beach Group member please volunteer to attend? Guests need to be invited so please let Jane know on 0427 807047 if you can attend so this can be arranged.
    Meeting with Peter Madigan. Barb Madden and Jane Mouritz met with Peter Madigan and discussed potential for funds under the Financial Assistance Grants round closing on 30th November. He recommended we apply for GSDC matching funds. B Madden attended to this under the auspices of FPAinc.
    B Madden and Jane Mouritz also met with Severin Crisp, secretary of Frederickstown Progress Association and we appreciate his assistance in writing to Small Business Centre for funds assistance toward our Community Futures Plannign workshop too.
    Jane Mouritz proceeded with application to City of Albany. It is proposed to gain funds for design sketches, a workshop facilitator and some post forum plan collation and project style and designs.
    Please forward your names to Nan Anderson, or Susie Potter if you can help with the Umbrella Surveys.
    Yours in community spirit Jane Mouritz

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