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Esplanade Site update


It seems like we’re still no closer to seeing action of any sort at the Esplanade site… except perhaps for the cladding on the fence falling apart.

This article is from the Albany Weekender, 11th of June issue.

What do you think should happen to the Esplanade site? Do you believe there will ever be a new hotel at Middleton beach? Click on “COMMENTS” below, and have your two cents worth!

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  1. Trish Flowers permalink
    17/06/2009 3:24 am

    Having just today returned from Queensland, I am sadded by what I saw on my first wander down to the beach.

    The fence was bad enough but now it is falling down. And the restaurant and the beach is lime green with pespi cola signs all over it.

    What is wrong with the peole in Albany. Why do we accept second best.

    The council now has a duty to act. The idea of the Council leasing the land for the purpose of removing the fence and grassing the area is still a good one. How about it Milton?

    As a resindent and a business owner I am anyed about this big con.

    Lets get something done.

    Trish Flowers

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