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The second meeting


Held on February 15th, the meeting was attended by the usual suspects, along with guests City of Albany Mayor Milton Evans, and Cr Dot Price.

There was much discussion, and a couple of important tasks for the night.

  1. The decision on the name The Middleton Beach Group. Just like it says on the wrapper! And also the reason the name of this blog has been changed… if you noticed!
  2. The election of a leadership group. This group comprises Jane Mouritz, Ken Clarke, Henry Reynolds, Judy Clarke, Jon Doust, Kay Geldard and Michael Roberts.

There are minuts from both this meeting and the last one (which was also the first). I’m trying to work out how to post the whole of each file on the blog for download, rather than cutting and pasting it here, which would make for very long blog entries, and take me far too long! So in the meantime, if you would like to see previous minutes, drop me an email and I’ll forward them on to you!

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